Sunday, 5 October 2008

A bit of gardening

right side garden bed
parsley and NZ Spinach on the front left, garlic front right
snow peas on the frame at back

left side garden bed
silver beet on the front left, lettuce and rhubarb on the front right
cavolo nero on the back left and rainbow silverbeet on the back left
some oregano and sage in the middle front (moved to a pot)

I've been pottering in the garden this afternoon, weeding and planting a few seedlings. I planted basil, Black Beauty zucchini, Italian Romano beans and some tomato seedlings. I have my doubts about whether the beans are what the packet said as they seem to be growing like a climber. We shall see. The tomatoes were a free packet I got from Diggers, a 5 colour Heirloom mix, so it will be a bit of a lottery what I get. The seedlings from that packet seem to be the strongest of all the ones that I have sown.

The photos are about 2-3 weeks old and were taken at dusk with a flash, they're not the best, I'll try and get a better picture tomorrow. The rhubarb in the garden will probably have to be moved next year as it will take up too much room. I have another rhubarb in another part of the garden and it doesn't seem to be doing as well as this one. After this summer I'm need to have a bit of a think about what will grow well in the garden, this is the second year I've grown some veges and I'm still learning things. I'm planning on expanding the other area I've started, I noticed last summer that plants on that side of the shed didn't do too badly in the heat, so it makes sense to have a garden. For the rest of the year I'm going to work on improving the soil there.


  1. Most of the fun in the garden(apart from eating what we grow) comes from tthe learning, at least for me. The garden is looking great.


  2. Nice to see NZ spinach in your garden GRIN - ours is just about ready to eat

    Your garden is looking good!

    Love Leanne NZ

  3. Molly, since I took that photo the rainbow silverbeet and cavolo nero has zoomed ahead.

    Leanne, we've already had some of the NZ spinach, it's ready to pick some more now. I've got a couple of other plants in another garden.
    Thanks for your compliments.
    take care


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