Sunday, 14 September 2008

Up early again this morning, it was a totally different day, weatherwise from yesterday, 28 C and today just 18 C. You know its getting warmer when the butter stays soft in the dish.

Finally planted the rest of my potatoes today, the first 5 that I planted all have leaves now so I will have to hill them up soon. Yesterday I did a bit of quilting, tidied up my workroom, listened to music all day, cooked pastry shells for a quiche I'm making later in the week and did some reading.

I heard an owl last night, I looked up my bird book and apparently it was a Boobook owl. Morepork is the common name for them in New Zealand. I've noticed a lot of birds around lately, must be the warmer weather. I just wish they would eat some of the caterpillars that have hatched out as well. Spent a few minutes picking (and squashing) some wooly bear caterpillars off some plants that they have made themselves comfortable on.

Earlier today I had a stack of thoughts that I was going to blog about, but my mind has gone blank now, so I will leave the blogging for today.

Our boy Cody waiting for his "dad" to come home


  1. Hi
    Thanks for popping in to our blog & giving me tips on rubbish bin liners.

    Glad I found your blog - lots of common interests.

    Cody is a very handsome fella!

    Love Leanne

  2. hello!
    our potatoes are getting very big - when do you pull them up?
    I had the same thoughts about the warmth as you did - except I caught myself saying 'you know it's getting warmer when the nutella gets soft!' we go through a lot of nutella.

  3. Good old South Aus weather! We are freezing our butts off down in the SE. Gale force winds, a bit of hail and lots of rain - Glorious Spring - Ha!! We got spoilt on Saturday, didn't we.

    Cody is cute and looks huge. Must be hard looking after all that fur.


  4. Hi Julie,
    Saturday was a taste of things to come.
    Yep, Cody is huge (8kg) but he is a Maine Coon and they are a large breed, the fur isn't too bad, just have to keep on top of it.


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