Sunday, 21 September 2008

Special post for Leanne

Bin holder pulled out of cupboard

Bin holder back in cupboard

In cupboard with one bin in place, the other bin is on the floor

Both bins back in holder, they also have handles, which are normally folded down

RATIONELL pull-out waste sorting tray $30 and waste sorting bin (x2) $15 each. They also come with a lid which in my opinion doesn't work too well, so I don't used it. I think Ikea have increased their prices since I purchased this as I think it cost just under $50 all up. Similar systems in Bunnings cost $80 or more. Unfortunately they don't do mail order, but I did hear that they are considering a shop in NZ.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for photos, I can see how it works now.

    MMM b nice if they have a shop in NZ. I'll have to go look at Bunnings.

    LOve Leanne


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