Monday, 22 September 2008

Rainy Monday

A pincushion to go with the needlecase I made yesterday
What a change in the weather today compared with yesterday, still we can do with the rain, especially when we are expecting 29C on Thursday and Friday. I had planned to go for a walk today but wimped out when it started raining.
The drop in temperature also meant that salad wasn't going to be an option for lunch today, so I made soup, nice and warming on a cold day.
I seem to get more done craftwise on a Monday during the week than any other day, I think it's because I don't have to work until Tuesday night and usually I've there are enough leftovers from the weekend so that I don't have to cook much on Monday. As well as the pincushion, I started on another softie, which has been sitting around for a while waiting for inspiration to strike. You can catch a glimpse of it under the pincushion. Once I got started I didn't really want to stop. I'm so lucky that I can spend the whole day playing around with things like that.


  1. I really enjoyed the rain yesterday. 29 later in the week? This weather sure is changeable! Sounds like you had a wonderful Monday.

  2. wasn't the rain wonderful. i guess i've lived in adelaide too long now - i just love, love, love it when it rains.
    mind you, the drop in temperature wasn't so nice! brrrrr


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