Tuesday, 9 September 2008


out at last

Isn't it lovely, I didn't expect the flower to come out yesterday, but the warmer weather must have accelerated it. I had a fairly quiet day yesterday, the sun was out but the day wasn't as warm as on Saturday. It is nice that it is light earlier in the mornings but soon with daylight saving it will go back to dark mornings again. I quite like the lighter early mornings as I seem to get more done when I get up early.

Some nights I wake at 3am or so and can't get back to sleep, I know you are supposed to get up and go into another room and relax (or something) rather than lie there in bed waiting for sleep to come around again, but really, who want's to get up into the cold when you can lie there in a warm bed!!! Anyway I was lying there and I heard the magpies in the tree near our bedroom quietly warbling away, and thought even they can't sleep. I love to hear the magpies early in the morning, they sound so musical.

Got a lot of quilting done yesterday, I should post a photo of the WIP, although I'm sure the recipient doesn't read my blog (too young) the recipients parents might (is there meant to be an apostrophe there, somewhere, not sure). I'll have to see if I can do it in a way that doesn't reveal too much of it. I know that I need to finish this quilt fairly soon, but I have these other ideas/plans for other things bubbling away and want to start on them, but I know if I do, the quilt will get abandoned for a while and it has been sitting around far too long already.

I'm starting to waffle, but this is my blog so I can. I quite enjoy blogging, at first it was hard to find things to post about, but it is my on-line journal so I suppose it is about things I have been doing, my thoughts etc. I originally started it as a way to have a bit of a vent but it has evolved a bit since then, and it is a way for others in my family to see what I have been doing.

Doing today:

  • making fennel, leek and potato soup
  • making fried rice from the leftover rice on Sunday
  • continue cleaning up our outdoor area, ready for the warmer weather
  • more quilting
  • ironing (yuk)


  1. I love your ideas about blogging. I look at my blog as a journal too!

  2. simplyjoolz11/9/08 09:34

    Thanks for dropping by my site and for the serviette idea. As September seems to be flying by I need to get organised soon or December will be here before we know it.
    I've added you to my list of daily reads so will visit each day to see whats happening - you're the first SA blog I've come across.

    Cheers - Julie :)

  3. Oh there is something so Australian about magpies warbling in the early morn isn't there? With the sun rising earlier I seem to be up with the birds... and babies (who see light and think it's time to go)too.
    Your flower is stunning...love spring!

  4. Such a lovely sign of spring-great photo!


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