Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Look what I made

We had 3.5mm of rain yesterday, so a good start for the month. I spent yesterday making a softie. I actually had meant to tidy up my workroom as it is looking quite messy after the weekend, so I started to sort out a couple of storage boxes that I keep odds and ends of fabric in. I came across some linen scraps I had stashed because I might use it some day, and thought "aha I could make a softie with this" and it just so happened that I had downloaded a pattern yesterday so thought that would do and started cutting. But then I thought why not do it in calico as well, so I cut one out of calico. At this point I thought I had better finish sorting out the boxes before I went any further. That done, I turned my attention to the softie, and ended up using the calico material for the first one.

He came out rather well, I still have a couple of things I want to do but they can wait for a little while. I found that it is easier to do the blanket stitch on the face when the fabric is flat, so next time I will do any embroidery and embellishments before I sew up the body.

The whole thing took me a while as I redrew the face several times before I was happy with the look and the shape, maybe the eyes need to slant a bit more. I'm already planning the next one and the next one.

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