Monday, 8 September 2008

Lazy weekend

The sky was so beautiful early this morning, that pale lavender blue fading into pink, just a shame it is so windy. The weekend seems to have gone so quickly, although I don't have anything to complain about as I don't have to do any paid work till Tuesday evening. I didn't get to do much sewing in the end as I indulged myself and read a book over the weekend. The weather on Saturday was so nice that I was able to relax on the daybed outside reading. I had a bit of a look around the garden and checked on my potatoes, finally some shoots are coming up, so I will plant the rest of them this week sometime. I also spotted a few of these holes (picture below) in the front garden, I think a spider of some sort makes and lives in them, they are perfectly shaped, but I won't be sticking my fingers in them, that is for sure!!!

Both of the rhubarb seem to be growing well, the parsley plants are coming on, and there are a lot of anenomes and some ranunculi springing up everywhere. A couple of years ago I planted a lot of bulbs and the anemomes did a lot of self-seeding, which is lovely as they need no attention and provide a wonderful show of colour in spring. This year there are a few ranunculi popping up....

Another 2 days or so and I think we'll have a beautiful flower. We had 12.5mm of rain and it all came down in the space of 30 minutes or so. The sky had gone gray and the wind started coming up, next minute it just pelted down, hail, thunder and lightning, very heavy rain for about 5 minutes or so then it eased up a bit, and yet an hour later the sun was out.

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  1. That will be a beautiful flower! It was a lovely, lazy sort of weekend at our house.


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