Thursday, 11 September 2008

I'm making bread today, tried something different this time, and mixed it up last night and let it rise in the fridge overnight, now I have shaped the loaves and they are having their final rise before I bake them. Usually I make the bread in the morning, rise it and then bake in the afternoon, but with the warmer weather fast approaching I want to be able to bake it before the day gets too hot.

For some reason on a Wednesday (yesterday) I don't seem to get much done, perhaps it is because we go grocery shopping in the morning and it seems to disrupt the daily routine. I didn't even get to catch up with my usual blogs and today isn't looking too good either.

Doing today:
  • making macaroni cheese, (need to use up some ricotta which is close to the use-by date)
  • baking bread,
  • quilting
  • planning menu for next week, and market shopping list
  • usual housework related stuff

Listening to:

  • Jefferson Airplane, Joe Satriani

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