Thursday, 25 September 2008


Silverbeet and NZ spinach from my garden
This morning I picked all this silverbeet and NZ spinach (or warrigal greens) from my garden as I planned to make a silverbeet pie. I had to give them a bit of a rinse, to my surprise I didn't find any caterpillars at all, even though something had been having a bit of a nibble, still there was enough for us. You always need to pick a bit more than you think you will need as it shrinks so much when you steam it. At the moment silverbeet and NZ spinach are really the only things able to be harvested from my garden, and parsley, lucky for us we like eating it.
I just realised the other day that I had 4 projects (if that's the right word) on the go, so I spent a bit of time on them, now I only have 2, so I'm going to try really hard and finish them off before starting anything else. I quite like the almost instant gratification of having a small project and being able to finish it in one day. Problem is when I'm looking at all the other blogs I visit, I get so inspired that I want to create something right then and there, so at the moment I just have to store the ideas away till I have finished what I am currently doing.


  1. Anonymous26/9/08 04:37


    I came to you via Simplyjoolz and I came to her via Manuela/Pleasures of Homemaking.

    I have only been doing this a short time, we have a family blog, but I have met some lovely people. You are my first from down under lol :)

    Two blogs I love are Daisy Cottage and Southern may too.

    Nice to meet you,
    Kathy :)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come again. I'll be sure to visit the 2 blogs you mentioned

    take care


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