Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cleaning day

My seeds from Diggers arrived yesterday, usually they get here in about a week, this time they took over two weeks. Never mind they're here now, I also got a shower timer. Although there are only the two of us, we need that visual reminder of how long we've been in the shower. The days when you could spend an inordinate amount of time luxuriating in a long, hot shower are gone.

I spent part of yesterday cleaning out the laundry. It is not a very large one but seems to become the repository for unwanted items that have no current use. I went through all the jars I had set aside and put them in a box ready for when I make chutney, jam and pickles this season. I made a few chutneys last year and we still have some left, so I have some idea of the amount we will be needing. The empty jars went onto the top shelf in the pantry - a more appropriate place for them I think. I also made laundry gel following the recipe from "Living the Good Life" by Linda Cockburn. I have adapted it slightly by not bothering to weigh the soap and using one bar of soap (I think it is a bit over 100g) Previously when I made the gel I used to decant it into other containers, but I found a big rectangular lidded container that I wasn't using for anything much so am now using that, it sits on the bench and I just scoop out a cupful when I need it.

I also spent some time cleaning out the tracks on the sliding doors and windows, they can get quite dirty. I always think that you can tell when something has been designed by a man, they don't consider how easy or difficult it is to keep something clean. Other things that spring to mind are: fridges and ovens, all those little ledges and corners with joins where the dirt lodges.

I'm thinking about trading in my old sewing machine for a newer one that can machine quilt as well. I used to find it quite relaxing to hand quilt but now find that it doesn't appeal to me as much and I would rather get on and make something else. I will have to have a look around the shops to see what is available as there doesn't seem to be much information on the internet.


  1. Those are the types of jobs we are doing this week, the doors and the laundry. We put our seeds into a container ready to use.

  2. Hi Pip!
    Sewing machines! I love mine. I have a Janome 8000. It is 17 years old and on it's last legs. The most important thing you need for machine quilting is a walking foot. (And a pogo foot if you want to do free motion quilting) Some machines come with an in built walking foot and are sold as 'quilting' sewing machines, but most sewing machines on the market have a walking foot that you can buy separately. (Mine is like that) So really any sewing machine that a walking foot will fit on will be suitable for machine quilting. You should visit a specialist sewing machine shop and ask questions. If you want to email me with your general vicinity I will suggest some shops for you to visit. (Your blogger comment doesn't have your email address on it!)



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