Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday, Monday

I had quite a productive day today. I started off looking at blogs but thought I had better stop procrastinating and actually do something (other than watching the Olympics). What to do - the bathrooms need a clean, so I started on that, got carried away and even cleaned out one of the cupboards and I'll do the other one tomorrow, after all it is spring (more or less) so I think it is time to start doing a bit of spring cleaning. Trouble is once I start I don't want to stop and keep finding little bits to do. Not this time, I'll just do a bit each day. I was going to vacuum after that but my DH was going to do some sanding later on and we would have had to vacuum all over again as the dust gets into everything.

I planted out some of my potatoes today as the sprouts were getting a bit longer, 3 Dutch Cream and 2 King Edward, also planted the parsley plants I got on Saturday. I've planted them in 3 separate spots so hopefully at least one will survive through summer's heat. Both my rhubarb plants are growing well, one has 3 leaves and the other was just a crown when I planted it and now has a leaf coming through, will probably have to wait another year or so before I can pick from them. I finished off by pulling out a heap of weeds from the garden and the lawn, I reckon I'll have sore hamstrings tomorrow. Today was a warm day, 16C, but I knew that before I even saw the weather tonight, because the washing was nearly all dry for the first time in a couple of months.

I'm making bread tomorrow so I'd better get off and get the starter ready to go.

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