Sunday, 17 August 2008

A lazy weekend

We have had quite a lazy weekend. My excuse - the Olympics. I can't help myself, and this week will be worse as the track and field has now started, and the triathlon is on as well. Oh well, it is only once every 4 years.

I did make some bread (picture above) and I reckon my results are fairly consistent now, I just have to shape them a bit better. We've had rain off and on so I haven't really got out into the garden, I have some parsley seedlings to plant tomorrow and also planning to sow some seeds now that I have some seed raising mix. I wanted to plant the potatoes but I don't think they have sprouted enough yet so I'll leave them for another week.

I finished Nella Last's War, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I couldn't manage to get into Leadbelly, so took it back and maybe I will try reading it again later. I'm now reading through The Elements of Organic Gardening by HRH The Prince of Wales with Stephanie Donaldson, so far I have only flicked through it and there are a lot of nice pictures of beautiful gardens.

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  1. Lovely looking bread! I'm sitting here wishing I could smell it.
    Just popped over to say thanks for reading my blog....I'm glad to have found yours now.
    Consider yourself in the draw for the giveaway too....good luck!


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