Sunday, 31 August 2008

I made these coconut buns in between sorting photos,
they taste nicest when eaten straight from the oven, but are not too bad warmed up the next day.

On Friday I got pissed off with all the "stuff" sitting around on all the flat surfaces in our little office/computer area. Now, we are not really untidy people but we do have a tendency to put stuff down "to put away later" and of course it never does, or it gets stacked and made into a tidy pile, of which there were several. So Friday afternoon, I ripped into it, and partially cleaned out the sideboard at the same time, this was so I could put my DH's things (his bag for work and some files which were lying around) into one of the cupboards. Result - a tidy office area, and now my DH will know where to look for his things. The aim is to keep it like that for a month.

The de-clutter/tidy-up then led me to the spare room wardrobe and I ended up putting some things in the Salvation Army box, and then I got sidetracked and started looking at my old photos, so I spent Saturday afternoon and evening going through photos and wondering why I took 4 of the same person or scene, even in some cases thinking where was that? or who is that person? So now most of the photos have been culled and sorted, I have even written on the back (dates, names and locations). I can finish off the rest today, as I won't be going outside because of the weather.

12.5mm rain last night, at one stage the noise of the rain on the roof woke me up, it was so heavy, the last time I heard such heavy rain was when I lived in Singapore and Malaysia. Fortunately it only lasted about 5 minutes, but it will help fill up the dams and raise the monthly average.

Hopefully I will get some quilting done today, it is the sort of day to just stay inside and keep warm, and I tend to just want to surf through the blogs instead of actually going and doing something.
(like I'm doing now)

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