Monday, 25 August 2008

I am sore!!!

After spending a large portion of the day in the garden yesterday I am quite sore. I knew I would be as normally I wouldn't spend such a long time weeding, but you know how it is, you want to finish what you have started. We were lucky it was a nice day as well, t-shirt weather, just comfortable for working outside. We were weeding the front garden, all the rain lately has made all the weeds thrive and the best time to get the weeds out is when the soil is still soft.

Weeding is quite satisfying really, your mind can drift on to other things while you are working away and then at the end you can see the results of your hard work. I re-planted some dietes that I had removed from the back garden and also planted some other plants that had been waiting for ages. I used to do a lot of planting in spring (shrubs and suchlike) but have learnt through harsh experience that most of the things I planted in the spring didn't seem to make it through summer unless you give them a lot of water and care, whereas plants which were planted in autumn had more time to get established and would make it through the summer. After this summer I'm planning to have another look at the garden and see what has made it through with minimum water and is still looking good and then I will put more of those plants in.

So I didn't get much time for doing anything crafty in the weekend, although I did get to drop into Spotlight and get some cotton for knitting, some blue indian cotton to make some new covers for some outdoor chairs, and some dye. I want some brown toned sheets and seeing as a packet of dye costs less than $20 it seems a cheaper way to get them than buying some new ones. The dye is a washing machine one and I'm planning on saving the dye mixture after the first set of sheets and using it for another set, they will probably be lighter but that will be alright as they will still blend in with all the other bed linen.

I'm making bread now, or at least my Kenwood is. I got a new (for me) stainless steel bowl for it a couple of weeks ago, I had been wanting one for ages but the cost ($165) for a new one had put me off and then I thought I would look on Ebay, well I was lucky, there was one up for auction but it was in England, lucky for me the dollar was up then and I ended up getting it for $80 (postage included). It was second hand but is still in really good condition so all up I'm quite pleased with it. I've been reading another blog called Wild Yeast

which I've found really interesting and instructive, all about bread (obviously). I usually make bread twice a week, and bake it in the afternoon, we usually end up eating nearly all one loaf that night. (greedy pigs that we are) The timer has gone off, so I must away and put the bread dough into a bowl and leave it to rise.

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  1. Oh yes some soreness is surely proof of a good day in the garden! And weeding is my meditation also.


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