Sunday, 3 August 2008


Wow, I just saw that I have posted 49 times, and this one will make 50, who knew I would keep this up for so long.

I have had a busy day today, did some work early this morning, then went to the Adelaide Farmers Market at the Wayville showgrounds, I just bought some cheese, smoked venison, chocolate macaroons, lemon tarts and 3 herb plants, well 2 really, one was cat grass for Cody. We had the chocolate macaroons and lemon tarts for morning tea, quite greedy of us but they were so nice.

I have been out in the garden for a good half of the day, I have been planning a no-dig garden so I can put potatoes in it, but first I had to remove some dietes plants that would have been in the way, I had already moved 2 and had about 5 others left, they were the big ones and they took quite a bit of effort to get them out. I planted them 5 years ago from one plant which I had divided up. Once they were out I dug over the soil a bit then put newspaper down, watered it, then put hay or lucerne or straw (don't know what it was as I got it for nothing from our neighbour) on top, then cow manure and some compost, watered it all, then another layer of hay, more watering then more cow manure and compost. It could have had lawn clippings and chicken manure as well but they weren't available at the time. Now it has to sit for a while and then I will plant the potatoes in it.

After that, I had to replant the dietes somewhere else, so they went into the front garden. Then I planted a rhubarb I had bought a couple of weeks ago, I made a raised mound to plant it and put compost around and then topped off with straw mulch. I don't expect to get any rhubarb till next year. After that I decided to move some pavers that I was using for stepping stones, so I have started a path instead, and will finish that tomorrow if I am able. I will probably be a bit stiff tomorrow from using muscles that aren't used to such hard work.

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