Sunday, 27 July 2008


Another cold day today, I don't particularly like cold days as I just want to curl up and stay inside in the warm and do nothing much. Cold days aren't so bad when the sun is out as it is nice to find a sunny spot and sit there and read. But cold days and rain are not nice at all, the cold just seems to seep into your bones and it is really hard to get warm.

We got up late this morning, around 10 o'clock, we stayed up late watching the Tour de France, a bit disappointed that Cadel Evans couldn't make up enough time to take the yellow jersey, but I suppose we don't really realise the effort involved after 3 weeks of racing, they (the riders) must be so tired, mentally and physically, it must be hard to lift yet again and pull out a really good effort. I will be interested to see what the press say on Monday, Australians are quite hard on their sporting personalities when they fail to perform to the public expectations.

My hands are finally warm, it's hard to type with cold hands, I have been having to backspace and fix up my errors, I've got a hot wheatbag on my lap and keep warming my hands on that.

Making ricotta gnocchi for tea tonight, it makes a nice, light meal with not too much effort, and there is some pumpkin knocking around the fridge which will make a nice soup for a late lunch.

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