Monday, 7 July 2008


We got 16mm of rain overnight, and it looks like more of the same today. Quite cold and gloomy today the sort of day I hate as it makes you feel depressed. I went for a walk in the afternoon in between the showers, it is a bit of a challenge deciding what to wear some days. If you wear too many layers of clothing then you end up getting too hot and having to take some off and carry them. I usually go for less and walk a bit faster if I am feeling cold, gloves and a beanie are good for when you first start out and then once you are warmed up you can take them off and stash them in a pocket.

I took a look at the rainbow silverbeet and Tuscan kale that I planted out a week or so ago, they seem to be growing on and have not been discovered by the snails and slugs yet. I haven't started on my no-dig bed yet as my back is still a bit sore plus there have been showers on and off all day so I have sat and knitted off and on through the day. My scarf is nearly finished!! Once I have finished the current ball I will be back to where I was when I decided to unravel it, I will just have to check it is long enough and then put some fringe on it and sew the ends in.

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