Saturday, 5 July 2008

Oh my aching back

My back is sore today, my own fault really, Cody (our cat) has some toy mice that he plays with, he brings them to us, we throw them away, he brings them back and so it goes on. He also has this habit of flicking them under the fridge, then he sits there waiting for either of us to get them out for him to do it all over again. So this morning he is sitting there waiting for his devoted servant to get his mouse out, I knelt down and looked under the fridge, I couldn't see anything under there and then I felt a twinge in my back (the usual place I get it) I thought "oh no, I can't get up" my DH came in at the point and asked if I was ok, "just my back, I'll be right in a minute" as I slowly got to my feet. Cody is still waiting for someone to get his mouse and is getting impatient so he makes an interrogative miaow (Hurry up, get it out now!!) My DH has a look and sees the mouse and gets it then throws it up the hall, Cody tears off after it, but this time doesn't bring it back, obviously he had to wait to long and doesn't want to play any more.

My big plans for today (making a no-dig potato bed) have had to be shelved. I've had a hot pack on my back and it seems to be getting better, but I shall take it easy today. I think I will try and finish my scarf. It's cold outside so a good day to stay inside anyway

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