Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The year is half over

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year. The weather here in Adelaide has not been very nice lately, although it is Winter. We could do with more rain, our rain gauge has had 1mm, 2mm, 5mm and 4mm over the past 4 days. Not enough to fill up the dams. Today is another gray day, and although the sun has been out a few times it is still quite cold with an icy wind coming from the south.

Today (Tuesday) is the start of doing less work, with at the moment one day off a week, so we get a 3 day weekend. Part of doing less work means being less profligate with our spending.

profligate - recklessly prodigal or extravagant

prodigal - wastefully or recklessly extravagant

Although I suppose that profligate is not really the correct word as we don't normally go out and recklessly spend money. Last weekend we were in the big shopping centre near us and I looked at a couple of things and then thought "why am I looking at these things, I certainly don't need them even if I might want them" which led me to thinking that where once I would have been happy to spend 3-4 hours wandering around the shopping centre, buying anything I wanted (within reason) now I would prefer to be at home doing something else, like gardening, crafting, reading, surfing the internet or just doing nothing much. I used to spend too much time on the internet reading other blogs, but I have cut back on this and only have a few favourite blogs that I check out daily or weekly, sometime I will post a list of my favourite blogs.

Today I made meatloaf, we had it with roast potatoes and braised carrot, celery, beans and zucchini. There is enough leftover for meatloaf sandwiches tomorrow night. I'm trying to plan ahead so that I don't have to spend too much time cooking, so what we have for lunch (our main meal) we will have for tea or supper the next day.

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