Thursday, 19 June 2008


I have been trying this cheese tin that my mother sent me from New Zealand, I was a bit dubious whether it would store the cheese and stop it from drying out without using plastic wrap. I'm pleased to say that it does, I have had several types of cheese stored in it and they have all remained in good condition, this swiss type cheese has been in it for nearly 2 weeks. I have had cheddar and a blue cheese in there as well, there doesn't seem to have been any flavour transfer either. My only quibble with the tin is it would be better if it was square, that is it would fit in the refrigerator better and you could put more cheese in it as well. I have been trying to cut down on my plastic wrap use and this has been one of the ways to do it. Another thing I have been trying is plastic covers which are similar to shower caps, they come in different sizes, and work quite well, you can wash them if they get dirty, but you can't use them in the microwave

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