Sunday, 25 May 2008


Well the weekend is nearly over and I feel quite tired. We were up early this morning as we had to work. Once that was done we came home and had morning tea. I decided to get out into the garden and get some seeds planted out. (or should that be sown?) First I had to remove some old sprouting broccoli, I had cut it back previously but it was badly infested with aphids and it was nearly 3 years old. Once that was out, I replanted some chives into a pot and then dug over the garden bed. The soil is a lot better than when I started, although there are still a lot of stones in it, but now I see worms and there never used to be any there. I also dug in some compost from my compost bin. I have this clever spiral device which you can use to aerate the compost and also I use it to take out compost from the bottom of the bin through the side vents, then the compost falls down and I use it to mix it all up, a bit of effort but the compost seems to compost quicker, than if I leave it to sit.

After I tidied up the 2 garden beds, I sorted out my seeds, and worked out what to plant. I planted climbing snow peas, arugula, 5 coloured silverbeet, kale, mesclun, pak choy and some spring onions. I planted a lot of the arugula, mesclun and pak choy as I intend to use it as "cut and come again" greens for us. I only planted a few of the silverbeet and kale, and one row of the snow peas. I need to do something about the french tarragon as it will start to die down now that it is getting colder.

Now I feel quite tired, luckily I have some red chicken curry already made up from another meal, and I just have to do some vegetables and some rice in the microwave and tea will be ready. Apple crumble and custard for dessert, yum. I think it will be a fairly early night for me.

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