Sunday, 27 April 2008

The long weekend is over

It is so enjoyable to have a long weekend. I made 3 loaves of bread during the weekend, and we have about half of the last loaf left. I also made Anzac biscuits, they are a very unpredictable biscuit, I remember reading a discussion on how to make crispy or chewy biscuits, something to do with the amount of liquid and flour I think. One tray of the ones I made were thick and crisp, the other tray were thick and chewy. The crisp ones were cooked in the middle of the oven and cooked for a bit longer. I can remember Anzac biscuits that my mother used to bake and they were thin and crisp. It doesn't really matter as I like them all ways. The other thing I have to remember is if I am using an Australian or NZ recipe as the tablespoon measurements are different. Australian tablespoons are 20ml and NZ are 15ml, so depending on the ingredients used it could make quite a difference.

We have had a lot of rain - nearly 20mm and has been quite cold as well about 14°C as well. The sun has been out this afternoon so it has been quite nice. I went to the library on Saturday to pick up a book I had ordered, it is Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver. After that I popped into the Salvation Army Thrift shop to get some knitting needles, I ended up getting 2 needles, 1 crochet hook, 1 circular knitting needle and 2 double ended needles - all for $4.50 a bargain I think, as I had seen needles in Lincraft for $5. Started another dishcloth last night but I think the needles might be too big for the job as so far the cloth seems a bit lacy looking.

This afternoon I started tidying up my sewing room, but got side tracked and completed 2 small projects that were nearly finished. I will finish up the tidy up tomorrow morning.

We're having red chicken curry, green beans and rice for tea tonight - leftovers from Friday night, followed by quince poached in red wine and honey. It's raining again, I can hear it on the roof and the cloud has come down so I can't see the reservoir any more.


  1. "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" is absolutely brilliant! While I was reading it I thought, 'I have to read this book again!'
    Hope you get as much out of it as I did!

  2. I am sorry you think people put too much personal stuff on their blogs. I do. I am not going to let anyone stop me - wierdo's or not.My passion is growing food and it reflects my whole lifestyle and I want to write about the whole experience and if it means it encourages one other person then it is all worth it.

    Nice to see you are in SA.

    That book is good.Have you read "A Year of Slow Food" by an Australian couple David and Gerda Foster ? It is one to look out for.

  3. Kate, Too much personal stuff for me is when people put: what time they leave their house to go to work, what time they go home, where they work, things like that, if someone was so inclined they could stalk them or even burgle their home. I think first names are probably ok. I'm not paranoid about it maybe it is do with my past career.
    Yes, I have read "A Year of Slow Food" I quite enjoyed it. "Living the Good Life" by Linda Cockburn is good as well


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