Sunday, 6 April 2008

Daylight Saving is finally over

NZ Spinach or Warrigal greens (L)

Plumbago next to the compost bin (R)

Cody (not amused) (L)

Closeup of a small table I am decorating (R)

Another weekend almost gone, we have had lovely fine weather all weekend and it hasn't been too cold. I made bread but didn't get to make the hot cross bun/loaf that I had planned, just as well as we still haven't finished the other bread. It seemed as if I spent most of Saturday washing clothes and hanging them up, and then folding them once they had dried.

We went to Ikea today, we had been there last weekend looking at a divided bin to replace our current recycling and rubbish system (which is a separate box and a round bin (attached to the cupboard door) in the cupboard under the sink) the bins we were after had run out and were coming in last Friday, but the shipment has been delayed and there were no bins, so it was a bit of a wasted trip really. I like looking around Ikea, there are some good ideas there and I prefer to take my time, have a close look and compare prices etc. My DH doesn't really like going in there at all. So later this week I will be phoning them to see if the bins have arrived so we don't have another wasted trip.

There is a koala in a tree about 200m down our street. When we were coming home last Sunday (from Ikea) I happened to see him (or her) walking up a side street, so we stopped our car and put our hazard lights on and sat there and watched the koala cross over the road, he ran on the grass and climbed up a tree and he has been there ever since. I heard on the radio a few days ago that koalas sleep 22 hours out of 24 and it seems to be true, this one is just sitting there. He has moved around the tree a bit going a bit higher each time. I must try to take my camera next time I go for a walk and get a picture of him.

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