Thursday, 6 March 2008

Walking this morning

I like to go for a walk most mornings. It is cooler and quieter in the morning and everything smells better. My DH and I say hello to the neighbours "fierce" guard dog before I set off. This morning the moon is hanging low in the eastern sky, Venus is above it. It looks stunningly beautiful . Sometimes I have already decided where I will walk and other days I just wander. Today I'm wandering, I set off up the hill, it's just starting to get light. The other side of the hill I start getting into my stride, a few cars on the road but no people yet. I cross the road where the footpath runs out, and hear some rustling in the gum trees above, I stop and go back a few steps to have a look, then I hear plop, plop, plop (lucky I didn't have my mouth open) and I see a possum making its way through the branches to the next tree, I knew it wouldn't have been a koala as there was no smell. I carry on, there's still not a lot of traffic about yet, and no one else walking either.

Getting lighter now, I get to the roundabout and decide to walk past the shopping centre, there are a few cars there now, mainly the staff for the 2 supermarkets. I can smell the hot cross buns from the bakery, it makes me hungry and I spare a thought for the bakers slaving away with the hot ovens. Along the back of the shopping centre and down past the fitness centre to the sports oval. I can hear the fitness instructor yelling out to the class (aerobics of some sort is my guess) from a distance it sounds like someone being murdered. I walk through the sports oval, the council have sealed the walking/bicycle tracks around this area so the footing is nice and level, across the creek and past the retirement village, I circle around the school and come out on one of the main roads. I don't like walking on the main roads much (too much traffic and fumes) so I head up a side street and cut through a path and come out a bit further up where I can cross over and head home. There are more people out now, some walking their dogs and others walking or running to the bus. I can smell the perfume that some of the women use, don't they realise how overwhelming and unpleasant it can be. I cross through another park, there are birds in the gum trees looking for nectar, I grab a flowering piece for our two cockatiels before I go up the last hill and arrive home.

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