Thursday, 27 March 2008

Planning for the Weekend

I've been making my plans for this coming weekend. Nothing special is happening, football is into the 2nd week (and I still have to think about my footy tips) but I have been looking at my pantry and thinking it is a bit of a disorganised mess, so this weekend will be devoted to re-organising the pantry.

My pantry is quite a large one, when we first moved to our house the pantry had very deep shelves on three sides (the door is on the fourth side) and things got shoved to the back never to emerge again. So we decided to change it and ripped out all the old shelves and my DH installed slim white melamine bookcases with adjustable shelves on one side, we left the back wall empty and put a broom cupboard( with shelves), another bookcase and in the remaining space 2 overhead cupboards and 2 cupboards with a benchtop, these were in white melamine also. I think it cost us about $250 all up, quite cheap compared to some quotes that we had.

It is generally quite tidy, but since we have come back from holiday in January I have let things slide a bit to the stage that it is starting to annoy me. I want to be able to have some un-interrupted time to do this job, so I will be starting Saturday afternoon and I should be finished by tea time Saturday night. Why not start in the morning you ask, well I have other things that need doing first , like go to the dentist, washing, folding, and a couple of other things, so if I get them done first then there is more chance of the pantry being finished in one go.

Sunday will be a bit of a rest day I think, I will go for a walk first thing and do the usual chores that follow on from Saturday (more folding, ironing) and then do a bit of reading. I have a book from the library - The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards, and it is on a 2 week loan so I must read it quite quickly.

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