Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hump Day

The shopping tote is finished and I am quite pleased with it. It didn't cost me anything except time and now that I know how to make it next time will be easier. So hot today, I heard the weather forecast this morning and they were saying that 7 days in a row over 30C is officially a heatwave, and they have predicted 7 days over 30C. I like warm weather but not this warm. I just feel like lying around reading and doing nothing.

I made ginger beer last weekend, with the warm weather it starts working quickly so it is not long before we can drink it. I make a half batch of the recipe I have, it doesn't use a plant, just mix it up, wait a day or 2 for it to bubble and then bottle.

I have been trying to limit my time on the internet, I used to watch a lot of TV then decided that I was watching too much and I think I swapped tv watching for internet surfing. Over Christmas I didn't have as much access to the internet so I sort of got out of the habit. Once we were back from our holiday it didn't seem to hold as much interest as I had other things to do, so now I try to use it as a reward for when I finish my To-do list, I give myself 15-20 minutes surfing.

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