Monday, 10 March 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot

We are into our eighth day of over 35C and I am over it, still more to come according to the weather forecasters. Haven't been doing too much because of the heat. My DH has been slaving outside away building a pergola, he starts early while the area is still in the shade and stops once the sun hit it. Me, I have been doing as little as possible, just the things that must be done.

We had a long weekend, so nice to have Monday off as well. I bought my first thing from Ebay today. We have been wanting a scrabble set for a while, so I saw some on Ebay and there was a "vintage" one in Adelaide, pick up only, ideal for us as we could just go and pick it up and pay at the same time. I bid for it and managed to get it for $10.50 - a bargain, there are 4 pieces missing but we can replace them quite easily.

The vege garden seems to be coping with the heat. We have been watering twice daily, and even the warrigal greens are coming up now, and some self-seeded coriander is going well. The zucchini plant has 5 zucchini growing on it. The only disappointment is that the tomatoes aren't colouring up yet (the sole one that did go red, some bird got to it)

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