Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter weekend

I've had a fairly productive weekend. I've finished my swap tote, and have started another one.
Have done a lot of washing (the lawn sure appreciated it via the grey water hose) I made 2 loaves of bread, there is only half left now. My DH has done a bit of painting that needed doing.

We had to work on Sunday at one of our jobs, not arduous work just some high level dusting which is better done when no-one is at work. That took about 4 hours and then today we did another of our jobs, we could have done it on Thursday night, but then we would have been home really late so decided to leave it till later in the weekend.

Went for a walk today, it is dark in the mornings now, the sun doesn't rise till nearly 0730. I didn't see a single person this morning, heard a rooster crowing, some dogs barking and kookaburras and magpies. We have a bird feeder hanging from a tree in our backyard, yesterday we had lorikeets, Adelaide rosellas, magpies, turtledoves, crested pigeons and magpies visit us. Last week we even had a couple of cockatoos.

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