Friday, 14 March 2008

Day 13 of heatwave

It is Day 13 of our heatwave. This is the weather for the next few days:

Forecast for Friday:
Dry with some high cloud. Very hot with moderate to fresh north to northwestwinds, strong and gusty about the hills until mid afternoon, ahead of a slightlymilder, moderate southerly change late afternoon or evening.

Precis: Dry. Late wind change.

City: Max 40
Elizabeth: Max 41
Mount Barker: Max 38
Noarlunga: Max 38
UV Index: 9 [Very High] UV Alert from 10:10 to 16:40
Fire Danger: Extreme (Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District)

Forecast for Saturday:
Dry with some high cloud. Very hot with light to moderate northeast to southeastwinds and afternoon sea breezes.

Precis: Dry. Mostly sunny.

City: Min 20 Max 38
Sunday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 21 Max 38
Monday Dry. Sunny. Min 23 Max 39
Tuesday Dry. Increasing cloud. Min 25 Max 39
Wednesday Possible shower. Min 20 Max 31
Thursday Possible shower. Min 20 Max 27

Noarlunga is the area where we live, we usually find that it is a couple of degrees cooler than the city. We haven't had to resort to using our airconditioning much. We've been quite comfortable with a fan while sleeping.

My vege garden is still surviving, I am watering once a day but checking in the afternoon and if anything is looking a bit sad then I throw a bit more water on.

It is too hot to cook anything hot so we've been having a lot of salads, although this weekend I'm thinking of making a vegetable curry, which is meant to be cooling (perhaps because eating curry makes you sweat) and a yoghurt dessert which I saw on tv yesterday afternoon. Will post the recipe tomorrow if I haven't melted away by then :)

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