Thursday, 17 January 2008

Long time no blog

I've been away on holiday and what with Christmas and coming back from holiday I haven't really felt like blogging. Came back and found that most of my veges had gone to a sad death, some of my bean plants survived and a tomato has survived, thanks to the efforts of our neighbour who did some watering for us while we were away. One plant that has done well were 2 frangipani cuttings, when we left they were sticks with tiny shoots at the top, look at them now!! This weekend I'm planning on, removing all dead plants and digging some compost into the garden. Next week I will probably plant some more seeds and have another go. My DH is constructing a shade shelter to help protect the vegetables from the 40C sun so I hope we will have better luck this time around. I think it is mainly trial and error to see what will grow in our climate.
I knitted a dishcloth while on holiday mainly for something to do, I even managed to get my 2 sisters to knit a few rows as I have never been a very good knitter. It ended up too big (I think) but will still serve the purpose. It was quite relaxing to do but after awhile I got stiff hands and had to have a break.

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