Thursday, 29 November 2007

Weekend Planning

Been doing a bit of planning for this weekend and next week. I've found that when I make up a bit of a plan or list of things that need doing then I generally get most of them done. I do a menu so I know what to get when I go to the market, sometimes it changes if things are too dear or something is really cheap. My menu is looking like this:

Saturday - Lunch -Quiche (I already have a prebaked shell in the freezer)
Tea - home-made burgers, salad and chips

Sunday - Lunch - Cheese, Buttermilk and Basil muffins with salad
Tea - Baked Ricotta with roasted tomatoes, and salad

Monday - Not sure yet (maybe leftovers from weekend)

Tuesday - Greek Salad with lamb

Wednesday - Sesame chicken thighs with Asian inspired salad

Thursday - Same as Wednesday (lazy)

Friday - Potsticker dumplings with steamed veges

During the week we work in the evenings so our main meal is at midday, and we just have a sandwich or leftovers, some fruit and cut-up veges part way through the evening.
I also plan to cover an old folder with fabric and use that for putting my menu plans, and other things in, it will be my household management folder, I got this idea from Rhonda at down-to-earth, she has some really great ideas. Other things I'm planning on: are turning the compost (although if it is too hot then it can wait till it is a bit cooler) re-organising a spare room, and altering some clothes. That along with all the usual stuff, like cooking, washing etc will probably keep me busy for the weekend. I've found that if I get too ambitious and plan to do a lot of things, then I get overwhelmed and upset with myself if I don't get everything done, so now I just plan a few things and if they get done well and good, and if they don't well there is always another day.

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