Sunday, 11 November 2007

No wonder people are getting fatter, I was in a shopping centre during the week and of course the only way of getting up to the next floor is by the travelator or escalator, everyone just stands there and waits to be carried up to the next floor, if you do actually want to walk up it you can't, why, because no-one will keep to the left side which would leave the right side free to allow people to walk up it, and if you dare to say: excuse me, can I get past, you get incredulous looks before they do move.

Today I was out walking and I saw a woman get into her car and drive all of 200m to the shop, get something and then drive home again, how lazy is that.

Or in the supermarket all the fat people load their trolleys up with chips, ice-cream, soft-drink, etc,

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