Friday, 6 April 2007

2012 Reading list


46 books for the year, I'm still dipping into Mao's Last Dancer and My Life in France and I'm currently still reading Trace (it seems very familiar and I think I may have read it before)

Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin (I had to return this book unfinished as I couldn't renew it again, I intend to borrow it and finish it)
Steampunk'd - edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg (returned to library, couldn't get into it)
Trace - Patricia Cornwell
Aerie - Mercedes Lackey

A Street Cat named Bob - James Bowen
Absolution - Caro Ramsay
Sanctuary - Mercedes Lackey
Alta - Mercedes Lackey
Dexter by Design - Jeff Lindsay

The Doomsday Vault - Steven Harper
Flash and Bones - Kathy Reichs
Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay
Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay
Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris (I enjoyed this, have to wait for the last in the series now)

Joust - Mercedes Lackey
Watch out for me - Sylvia Johnson (I didn't enjoy this book very much)
Intrigues - Mercedes Lackey
Double Dexter - Jeff Lindsay
The Kashmir Shawl - Rosie Thomas

Timeless - Gail Carriger
The Concubine's Tattoo - Laura Joh Rowland
Kiss the Dead - Laurell K Hamilton
Changes - Mercedes Lackey
Arrow's Flight - Mercedes Lackey

Arrow's Fall - Mercedes Lackey
Born to Run - John M Green
Ghost Story - Jim Butcher
Crucible of Gold - Naomi Novik
The Diary of Mattie Spenser - Sandra Dallas

My Life in France - Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme (finished in Dec 2013)
Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare
A Fortunate Life - A.B. Facey
Catalyst - Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves - Matthew Reilly

Dragon 's Time - Anne & Todd McCaffrey
Cravings - Laurell K Hamilton
Trick of the Dark - Val McDermid
Dragongirl - Anne & Todd McCaffrey
A Blight of Mages - Karen Miller

Fate's Edge - Ilona Andrews
The Secret Fire - Martin Langfield (gave up on this, it wasn't grabbing my interest)
City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare
City of Glass - Cassandra Clare
Murder with Peacocks - Donna Andrews

Crossroads - Jeanne C Stein
Chosen - Jeanne C Stein
Retribution - Jeanne C Stein
City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare
Girl Missing - Tess Gerritsen

A Home-grown Cook (The Dame Alison Holst story) with Barbara Larson

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