Thursday, 3 January 2013

The List 2013

Early in December Meredithe posted about A working list with the idea being that we could pick 10 projects for the year and each month give a bit of a running commentary on how they are progressing (or not, as the case may be)

after much thought, here are my 10 projects for the year:
  1. Flower Garden quilt
  2. Dear Jane - Kind of Blue - finish the quilting, then the binding
  3. Civil War Sampler quilt - finish the quilting, then the binding (sounding like a stuck record here)
  4. Grandmother's Choice BOW (at this time I am four blocks behind on this)
  5.  Pheasantville
  6. Uzbek Patches
  7.  Museum Medallion
  8.  Frame Medallion quilt
  9.  Sue Spargo quilt
  10. ??????

Of course I will be invoking the usual conditions:

I can start, finish or work on other projects,  the main thing is to make at least some progress on the projects which are on The List 2013.

I did have intentions of trying to use only fabrics from my stash * this year, but I don't think I can actually make myself do this, maybe next year (or maybe not) however I will be trying to use more fabrics from my stash. 

* I think it would be easier if I had more yardage instead of fat quarters and eighths in the stash, it gives more options when making borders.


Kris said...

Great plan!

I think the use the stash thing only is hard for the same reasons you mentioned. I usually am stuck for borders and backings. I often think, "well I could piece a backing", but that puts the finish further away. So off I trot to the fabric store. I often feel that even if I use fabric mostly from my stash it needs a little something extra to make it work better. Last year saw me buying metres of solids, most of which are used up now. I am going to try to limit what I buy a little more this year so that I will use more of the stash. And I want to finish off things I have that are half done.

Thanks for this post Pip. It has really made me think!

Sheila said...

An impressive list, lots to keep you motivated and stimulated. J love the combination for Pheasantville and the Uzbek patches is going to be a beauty. I think i will find the list i wrote 2 years ago and see what progress i have made on it before i spend time writing another

Kath said...

yes me too.Although I am not as productive as you Pip, I never seem to have the right colour/length for the borders and backing.
I am very intrigued by your list an look forward very much to following the progress of these projects!
You have inspired me to make a list and bring out the UFO's so that I work on everything- if just a little each month.

scraphappy said...

Good luck on your goals for 2013. Using stash is always a good plan, but I never feel bad about getting fabric if I need it to finish a quilt. I know some people stash lots of yardage and have no problem making an entire quilt. Like you, I stash short cuts, always enough to start a quilt but not usually enough to finish one.

Impera_Magna said...

Great list of projects! I need to do this myself... a list is a good thing.

I don't want to think of how many GC blocks I'm behind... *sigh*

Joy McD said...

That's a great list, looking forward to hearing your updates. I wish I could pick only 10... I am up to at least 59 ufos...sigh!

Liz said...

Great list. Enjoyed reading this post. Inspired me, not only with projects to finish but to be diligent in what I buy this year in way of fq's and meterage of materials.Look forward to following your projects

Leanne said...

Good luck with your list. I am hopeless with being so organised.

pandchintz said...

I like this list! So looking forward to your progress reports. I can't be doing with only using stash fabric - I'm too much of a fabric-aholic to even Attempt that!

Lounging with a Latte said...

All the best with your list of projects. I've no doubt you will get through them. Looking forward to seeing your progress along the way.