Tuesday, 14 July 2015


adjective: slack
1. 1. not taut or held tightly in position; loose.  "a slack rope"
2. 2. having or showing laziness or negligence.  "slack accounting procedures"

 synonyms:   lax, negligent, neglectful, remiss, careless, slapdash, slipshod, lackadaisical, lazy
  inefficient, incompetent, inattentive, offhand, casual, disorderly, disorganised, derelict, sloppy, slaphappy, do-nothing, half-arsed, delinquent, otiose, pococurante

I'm not sure if I have been totally slack but some of those synonyms could apply to my blogging efforts over the last month or so.

I have been making stuff, but not so much of the quiltystuff. I made Seville Orange marmalade, the Mister and I have already gone through a jar and a half, two jars,  it is delicious spread thickly on toast (either hot, buttered or cold, buttered).

  I've been making bread, which we have been toasting to eat with the marmalade, it is also rather nice when spread with crunchy peanut butter and sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper.

In between baking, jam making and eating,  I've done a little bit of quilting, this rather cute "Girl with Umbrella" was a free pattern on Craftsy, it was nice to make something small and quick.

I've also done another section on the My Small World quilt, which was fun although it does leave my work room in a mess, little bits of fabric scattered everywhere which sometimes makes me think I should just push on and finish it quickly, but I am really enjoying working out how to make the different parts and deciding on the fabrics I will use.

There has also been a lot of sitting around by the fire because the weather lately has been miserable, rainy and cold, and it is just so nice to sit near the fire and read a good book  (there has been a bit of reading done as well)

and there has also been a bit of fabric fondling, I finished paying off my laybuy for this bundle of fabrics which are the fabrics that are in the kit for the Homespun magazine BOM, which I am not making, I just like the fabrics - Kaffe Fassett Collective.

* Google definition

Saturday, 30 May 2015


There are other quilting related things I could/should be doing (e.g. finishing my Sweet 16 challenge quilt, quilting the Mister's quilt) instead I have been piecing on my machine.  I discovered that I have really missed everything about making a patchwork block(s), choosing the fabrics, cutting the parts out, piecing them together and that wonderful feeling of seeing a block come together.

 During my recent blog reading I came across a quiltalong for a small quilt called My Small World - a Jen Kingwell pattern in the Special Spring edition of Quiltmania (click on the magazine image and you can flick through selected portions of the magazine) and I thought it would make a great project to help use up some of my many scraps.

So I've been having a very enjoyable few days piecing little bits of fabric together. The quilt has plenty of variety in it: there are applique blocks, English Paper Piecing and even a little embroidery.  I will be personalising my quilt here and there, I've already put my name on one of the apartment buildings. I'm in no hurry to finish this project, so I will more than likely keep it for the weekend and continue with my other projects during the week.

Friday, 29 May 2015

More koalas

Usually I am the one to spot any koalas in the neighbourhood but Jenny spotted this one in the neighbour's tree a few days ago.  She (at least I think it is a she) spent the day in the tree, sleeping and eating, we don't usually see koalas in this tree but it gets quite a lot of winter sun so would have been a nice warm place to sleep.

The Mister heard this bloke grunting the other morning, he was in a tree on the other side of the road, I suspect he was a hopeful suitor for the female in the photo above.  He also hung around for the day and was gone by the next morning.

My brother sent me this link of a fantastic photo of a group of fantails (a native New Zealand bird) huddling together just before a snowstorm.  You can click on the photo to make it bigger and there is a short video at the bottom of the news article, if you turn up the sound you can hear them chattering to each other, it made me a little bit homesick to hear and see them.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

Last week the Mister had a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) of his left knee, so things have been a bit topsy turvey here.  My sister Jenny (from New Zealand) is staying while the Mister is recovering and she brought a few goodies from Mum with her.

 a couple of pieces of Japanese fabric,
 I love the little blue bird on the cream fabric,
oopsy, a piece of Kaffe that I bought the other day has sneaked in to the photo.

some shell buttons which are lying on a cute Japanese
drawstring bag, it is reversible, I have flipped the chequerboard
lining fabric over, behind it is a lovely oblong tin, perfect for storing 
pens, pencils or even fabric

Monday, 18 May 2015

Another round the world trip completed ...

on my Brigitte Giblin Trip Around the World quilt.  I'm now starting on Round 25 which is another red round, I'm nearly out of the original red spot that I started with so I'm adding in a red fabric which has little white chickens on it.

The whole quilt is getting a little large to go on the design wall now, so it will have to be floor shots from now on.  Once I get to Round 30 then the quilt will be 60" square (which is quite a nice size although not the queen size that the Mister wants)   and I may add another couple of rounds after that and finish it off, I'm still quite motivated to keep working on it which is a good thing as it is usually around this stage that I lose interest in a project and put it aside.

I think the main reason that I am still motivated is the slowness of the project, there is no need to rush and I can enjoy just sitting and stitching.

Friday, 15 May 2015

A sort of a finish* ...

At the beginning of the year the Handiquilter group I belong to was given a challenge by the group facilitator Heather.  The challenge was to make a big block quilt from the pattern provided, we could choose our own fabrics and quilt it however we liked. I started making this quilt with quite a lot of enthusiasm, I wanted to use thread I already had and fabrics from my stash and ran into problems immediately as I didn't have much yardage of the colours I would have preferred (the purple and turquoise).  I had plenty of white but thought that would be a bit blah, so decided to go with the grey and the pink (salmon???)  it didn't take too long to cut the fabric and stitch the quilt top together.

The quilting was another story, I decided to start with a star in the centre and then go from there, because I was using threads to match each colour I didn't want to change threads too often so I quilted the corner blocks as well.  By then I'd decided to make another star which was quilted with silver grey thread,  I used a ruler for both these stars, I then came to a grinding halt and the quilt sat there for a week or so until inspiration struck when I decided to try out a few different fill designs (I haven't finished the fill designs yet) with varying degrees of success.

The borders took a while longer to inspire me, in the end I decided to do lines and figure 8 with a bit of fill around the triangles. The grey border still needs to be finished, most likely with a figure 8 or ribbon candy pattern, I might get to that this weekend, then again I might not  :)

This is the back view, you can see where I will be doing more quilting.  I've had quite a lot of fun trying out different quilting patterns on this quilt, and I think this quilt will be good as a sort of sampler of the different designs I can do.  I used Aurifil and Glide thread on this quilt and wool batting.  Some of the other quilts in this challenge can be seen here (at least I hope so, it's a Facebook page so might not be viewable by everyone) everyone that made a quilt did a really good job and there were so many lovely variations, needless to say we are all very pleased with ourselves.

and look another pair of birds in the back yard, these ones are Eastern Rosellas, they make a nice patch of brightness on the green lawn.

* the quilt is bound  I just haven't finished quilting it yet.

Friday, 8 May 2015

A short video

of Cody for your entertainment, I'm not sure how well this will work, you might have to turn up the volume to hear him (and me)


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Some more birdies

My work room looks out onto our garden and I often see birds flitting around.  It can be quite the distraction some days, the one pictured below was hovering near my window and then darted off into the neighbour's bush to sip nectar from the flowers.

New Holland Honey Eater (click here for a video of one feeding)

The bird below is another project that I have been working on recently.  For a small donation I received a piece of hand dyed fabric with the outline of a bird screen printed onto it, you could then embellish, quilt, embroider, or applique  the piece of fabric.  I decided to applique some velvet and silk on my bird,  I also used some variegated thread to machine embroider the body, then I trapuntoed the bird, quilted it some more then quilted the background.  It is going to be part of our Guild display at our Festival of Quilts in November. 

A family of Kookaburras in the neighbour's gum tree (to hear a kookaburra calling click here you might need to turn the volume up a bit).  It was quite noisy that day as there were more kookaburras in the nearby trees and it seemed as if they were having a competition but in reality I think it was a territorial dispute.

Monday, 4 May 2015

There has been little of note happening here in the Rest is not idleness world, I recently joined a Facebook group called OMG quilts (Organic Modern Graphic quilts, a variation within the Modern Quilting Movement) and spent a few hours over the weekend making this little quilt to submit to the group. I found my inspiration for it while I was slicing some brussel sprouts, it is fairly small, just 15" x 20" and is raw edge applique.  I fused some Applifix (similar to Vliesofix) to the back of my fabrics and then used my rotary cutter to cut the shapes I had in my mind, once that was done, I played around with their positions, then fused them to the background and used my Sweet 16 to quilt them down before I started the fun quilting.

I acquired this fabric last week, I have no idea where it will be used although I think it would make a great bag to take along to sit and sews.  Hopefully you will be able to read the words (click on the picture and it will enlarge) and have a laugh or two.

Opal and Earl seem to be quite a funny couple

I wonder if the Mister and I will be like that in 20 years time

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Anzac Day 2015

Anzac Day this year is a special one in Australia and New Zealand. It's 100 years since the Anzac troops went ashore on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915, and a time to remember the many hardships they endured there. 

 Anzac Day occurs on 25 April.  It commemorates all the Australians and New Zealanders killed in war and also honours returned servicemen and women, past and present.  The date itself marks the anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand soldiers - the Anzacs - on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.  The plan was to capture the Dardanelles, which was the gateway to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.  By the end of the campaign, Gallipoli was still held by its Turkish defenders.  

Thousands lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign: 87,000 Turks, 44,000 men from France and the British Empire, including 8,500 Australians, among the dead were more than 2,700 New Zealanders.

after the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the
South Australian National War Memorial

The Ode

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

Lawrence Binyon (1869-1943)